Who We Are

Led by Steve Goodfellow, a nationally recognized expert in Information Governance, Content Management and Process Improvement, our firm has been offering practical solutions since 1989

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What We Do

We offer consulting and educational services focusing on Information Governance: Managing, Improving, & Protecting records and information.

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Why Choose Us?

Organizations select our firm because of our unbiased, non vendor centric approach and our expertise involving content, processes, technology and people.

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DO you need to:
  • Improve a process?
  • Reduce paper records storage?
  • Improve managing electronic records?
  • Meet compliance requirements?
  • Start or fix a Content Mgt System?
  • Decide on the right technology to use?

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What Our Clients Said About Us ...

Steve is a true visionary and leader in the Records and Content management business

- K. H., CEO

You saved our butt – and a whole lot more!

- K.K., Corporate Counsel

One word of advice – if you hire Steve, listen to him; he will not steer you wrong

- S.S., Project Leader

Saving us $3.2 million – we definitely made the right choice in hiring you!

- B.N., CFO

Steve makes a point of transferring his knowledge so we can develop internal competencies

- D.C., Project Manager

You always get beyond the politics for a complete analysis and then tune the results appropriately

- W.C., Project Leader