“ We have worked with a wide range of clients since 1989 ”

  • Conducted an email management asessment for a Fortune 500 firm intended to improve the proper creation, storage, management, and access for e-mail records for over 21,000 users.
  • Conducted a disaster preparedness assessment and developed a business continuity plan for a large county government, including separate plans for the county’s 21 municipalities with over 800 face-to-face interviews, covering their paper and electronic records and systems.
  • Analyzed numerous business processes within all major departments and performed an IT organization review for a northeast city.
  • Conducted an organization-wide Needs Analysis for Vermont’s largest utility for an Electronic Content Mgt System to address strict regulatory requirements.
  • Conducted a knowledge sharing analysis and strategic plan for an international consulting firm enabling greater knowledge and information sharing internally and with their clients.
  • Conducted a process improvement and knowledge management initiative for a leading research institution’s Knowledge Mgt and Organizational Learning project to help shorten their innovation process.
  • Conducted records and information management Needs Assessments and developed strategic plans for over 200 municipalities throughout New York and New Jersey.
  • Developing multiple workshops and online training sessions for the NY State Archives.
  • Developed a series of online training courses for one of the largest computer manufacturers on Knowledge Mgt, Customer Relationship Mgt, Storage Mgt and more for their 16,000 global consulting staff.